Some Unintended Consequences of Making a Minimalist Privacy Minded Website

March 16, 2022 9:28

I've always been obsessed with making websites fast, but that was not a top priority for Wrote. The goal was to make a privacy first, minimalist, JavaScript and tracking free service for hosting blogs.

It seems that those are the ingredients for a fast browsing experience.

Google PageSpeed Becnhmarking

Aatos test in Google PageSpeed Insights

I just tested a single blog post using Google PageSpeed Insights. Mobile score was 99/100 and desktop 100/100.

Of course, getting scores like that is not quite as easy as removing all JavaScript. Google has some good resources if you want to learn more about making the web faster.

Best Practices for Improving Website Performance

Here's a short list of some of the techniques used in Wrote:

  • Fast server infrastructure
  • Aggressive caching strategy for static assets
  • Minify and compress stylesheets
  • Scale and optimize images and use webp if the client supports it

That's a good baseline checklist for any web project.

Wrote Official Blog

This is the official blog for Wrote, a privacy-first, non-tracking blogging platform.