Development Notes

March 25, 2022 12:38

Just a short note what we've been working on in the past week. We're getting closer to opening user registrations to everyone, and related to this we've been adding some features that we think are important for everyone:

  • Export site content
  • Change password and reset forgotten password
  • Delete all content and your user account

Now the only thing missing is the user registration itself :)

User registration is totally optional and will always be. It will always be possible to post your thoughts without creating a user account.

Anonymous Registration

Just to be clear, it is possible to create an account completely anonymously without giving any personal information like an email address. All you need is a username and a password.

It is possible, however, to add an email address in your personal user settings. This makes it possible to reset your password if you are unable to log in to Wrote but you still have access to your email. That's the only thing your email address is used for.

Benefits of Creating a Wrote Account

Wrote is first and foremost an anonymous blogging platform. We wanted to make it super easy to just write down your thoughts without going through any kind of registration process or giving up any personal information.

But you can create an account if you want. This has some benefits:

  • It's easier for your readers to find all your posts
  • It's easier to verify that your posts come from the same person/company/organisation/whatever
  • You can save a post as a draft and publish it later
  • You can export all content from your site in a CSV file
  • You can add files like images and add them in your blog posts
  • RSS feed for your blog
  • Static pages, perfect for static pages like About or Contact pages
  • Edit and delete posts

As you can see, that's quite a long list of additional features we think will be very useful for many people.

Enjoy the spring and the weekend, and stay safe and private! :)


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