How Wrote Works

Wrote is heavily inspired by Itty Bitty Sites. Just like Itty Bitty Sites, Wrote does not save any anonymous content server side. All content is delivered in the link to the content. In a way, this makes Wrote a distributed system.

Technical Details

Here are some technical details how we handle anonymous posts. When you create a new post, the post has a title, content and an optional username. These three fields are encoded and compressed into a cryptic looking bunch of numbers and letters. For example,

It's that cryptic string at the end that actually includes all of the content for the blog post. This way we never have to save the content to a database on our servers. When that link is shared, the full content of the post is shared with the link. That's pretty neat :)

Server Side vs Client Side

Perhaps the biggest difference between Wrote and Itty Bitty Sites is that Wrote does the content de/encoding server side. So, the encoded content is actually sent to our server and turned into a nice looking blog post there before it's returned to the client.

Itty Bitty Sites does the de/encoding on client side relying completely on JavaScript for the de/encoding process. Both approaches have their pros and cons, but we wanted to make Wrote JavaScript free for a number of reasons. When you're not hosting your own content (and even then!), there's always some kind of risk that someone could keep an eye on the server and follow what you're doing.

We take privacy very seriously, and you'll just have to take our word for it and trust us that we're not tracking anyone. Wrote is also available as an .onion service to make it even more difficult for anyone to track you.