Touring on my Fixed Gear Surly Steamroller

June 22, 2022 13:03

Surly Steamroller fixed gear in light touring mode

A few weeks ago I did my first overnight bike trip for this spring. I did about 200km in two days and stayed the night under a tarp at Liesjärvi National Park.

New Lightweight Setup

This was the first time I was riding with this setup. For a two day trip I didn't need that much stuff with me, and I decided to leave my panniers home. I have a Carradice Nelson Longflap on the back (with Carradice Bagman support) and a regular 35l Ortlieb drybag in the front. The drybag is filled only about one third to make it fit between the drops on my handlebar.

I also added a third bottle holder, which I'm using in the front of the main triangle (the red bottle) under the top tube. That's fuel for my Trangia, and it's strapped to the frame using FixPlus straps. That's a pretty convenient place for the fuel bottle.

The drybag in the front is mostly supported by my handlebars. I have a tiny Dia Compe Ene Front Rack attached to my front brake, and it works great as a lower support for the drybag. The bag is not resting on the rack, the rack is there only for additional support and to keep the bag off from my brake cable. It's a pretty neat solution and it's also super stable thanks to the additional support from the rack.

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