Getting Dark

Darkening winter sky

3pm in the afternoon and it's already getting dark. The sky didn't look quite this dramatic and maybe I edited the picture a bit too much. I used the red filter for b&w conversion to make the sky a bit darker. Red filter used to be one of my favourites back in the black and white film days.

Shot on the iPhone wide angle Len's and edited in Snapseed.

Riding the Trails

Vintage mtb monstercross trails

Winter is coming and it's the end of the muddy season. Temperature has been below zero almost for a week and all the trails are slightly frozen. No more mud and cleaning the bike after every ride.

Shot on iPhone and edited in Snapseed.

Morning Coffee

Two cappucinos

I'm a wannabe home barista. This is the kind of coffee I make every morning, but this morning both of the cappuccinos looked unusually pretty. Shot on iPhone, edited in Snapseed.

Lazy Saturday

Coffee and Pulla

This one is actually from yesterday but I forgot to post it. Had a nice and lazy afternoon with some weekend treats. Edited in Snapseed, shot on the default camera.


Picture description

A red barn. Shot on iPhone default camera and edited in Snapseed. I used a red filter for this shot.



Pens in a jar. Shot in Adobe Lightroom with manual ISO setting (200). I'm pretty impressed with the low light quality of the iPhone camera.

Edited in Snapseed.

A Square Year

A photo project dedicated to 1x1 format and black & white photography. Most shots are from an iPhone 12 mini. By Jaakko Naakka.