User Registration Is Now Open

September 6, 2022 12:47

This is a big day for us! :) As promised long time ago, user registrations are now open and you can create your own personal blog at Wrote.

Sign ups are open at Wrote, the anonymous blogging platform

You can still post anonymously without sign up even if you register an account, but there are some benefits to claiming your own personal space at Wrote:

  • No limit on post length like we have with anonymous posts
  • It's easier for your readers to find all your posts
  • It's easier to verify that your posts come from the same person/company/organisation/whatever
  • You can save a post as a draft and publish it later
  • You can export all content from your site in a CSV file
  • You can add files like images and add them to your blog posts
  • RSS feed for your blog
  • Static pages, perfect for static pages like About or Contact pages
  • Edit and delete posts

Even with a registered account you can remain as anonymous as you like. You can still use Wrote from our .onion address, and giving you email address is completely optional. I think we are pretty much the only TOR friendly, anonymous blogging paltform out there.

Keep on bloggin, stay safe and anonymous and go sign up :)


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